Our Mission

The Dog Park CompanyTM believes in a healthy active lifestyle for both dogs and dog owners. We are committed to delivering high quality dog park designs, development and products. All manufactured in the USA and eco-friendly. As a health and wellness company, we promote and believe in the benefits of vigorous outdoor play, exercise, physical and mental stimulation for the dog and owner. Being together outside in the natural elements.

Our Brands

Our Motivation

Spending time outdoors is a healthy experience. It’s fun when you watch how excited your dog can be while expending the youthful energy that these beautiful animals offer. Since health and wellness is our number one priority, we promise to deliver only quality products approved by our team.

Photo courtesy of Gyms for Dogs
Health & Wellness

We believe in the following health and wellness elements for a good dog park that will help develop a healthy dog and healthy dog owner:

  • Agility Training
  • Vigorous Exercise
  • Climbing
  • Cognitive Learning
  • Social Play
  • Bonding and Disciplined Fun
  • Cooling, Cleaning & Refreshment
  • Safety
  • Lighting
  • Accessibility
  • Human Interaction