Smarter Landscapes

The Dog Park CompanyTM uses the latest material specifications and strategies for a smart landscape design and maintenance for dog parks across the country. Covering all aspects of the development, we excel at thoughtful and original landscape strategies. With years of experience in landscape preparation and development, our team provides project expertise across all sectors.

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Land Donation

Unsure what to do with your unused land? Build your dream dog park! Learn how The Dog Park CompanyTM can help you enhance your community.

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Revolutionary Spaces

We specialize in all types of general public parks, incorporating groundbreaking outdoor amenity elements, including outdoor fitness, sports features and other specialized elements. When specifying and outfitting hundreds of parks each year, our vision is to enhance each space with precision and quality of care.

  • Commercial Municipal Dog Parks
  • Residential Dog Play Areas
  • Public or Private Parks & Recreations Areas
  • Housing & Multi-Family Amenity Areas
  • Luxury Home Community Developments
  • Farm Animal Specialty Areas
  • Zoo Parks (large and small animals)
  • Hospitality & Resort Amenity Areas
  • Doggie Daycares & Doggie Grooming Salons
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Trail & Planned Land Areas
  • Custom Designs for Specialty Markets
  • Airports & Travel Industry
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Senior Living