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Completely Customizable

We develop your vision. At The Dog Park CompanyTM, we recognize and value the visionary needs of each client. Through effective collaboration and a process of discovery, we generate unique and original solutions that meet your dreams for your park. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind dog park that will enrich and advance individuals, the wellness of their dogs and the strength of the community.

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We are over the moon for our new Bark Park! Thank you so much!!
~K. Lacey

Always Eco-Friendly

Our parks are earth-friendly and always mindful of the environment. We use recycled materials in our products, plus they are all recyclable. The Dog Park CompanyTM invests in sustainability throughout our entire business operation, including things customers can see and things they don’t see. Our parks provide off-the-leash play time for your four-legged friends, fitting seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Reduced use of water, energy and chemicals – this is our commitment to sustainability. We love dogs (and the earth too).

Planning Smarter

With the many moving parts during the construction phase, we stay focused during planning and construction to keep your project on track and on budget—from start to completion. The Dog Park CompanyTM has the right tools and contacts to efficiently complete your job. This commitment continues even after your dog park construction is complete, with local and worldwide connections to keep your dog park up and running efficiently.

Donate for Dogs

Donate your unwanted land or building, and we’ll help develop a state-of-the-art “pop-up” dog park for your community. The process is hassle-free and helps you give back to your community. Be part of a great cause. We review short-term and long-term land donations nationwide.

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